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Technologies and Applications

The European Union has adopted an energy policy which doesn’t simply aim to boost competitiveness and secure energy supply but also aspires to increase significantly energy efficiency, to save energy and promote climate-friendly energy sources.

The CONCERTO initiative, launched by the European Commission, is addressing the challenges of creating a more sustainable future for Europe’s energy needs by applying an integrated approach towards Energy Efficiency measures combined with the increased use of Renewable Energy Sources on a local level. Currently, nine projects and their communities are carrying out demonstration activities.

The term “polygeneration” means an energy supply system, which delivers more than one form of energy to the final user, for example: electricity, heating and cooling can be delivered from one polygeneration plant.

Polygeneration can involve combined co-generation (power and heat) or tri-generation (power, heat and cold) plants and/or district heating, preferably by renewable energy sources. Such polygeneration systems should be designed and controlled with a view to optimizing all relevant interactions between supply and demand. Their main benefit is in maximising the overall efficiency of the integrated system near the point of use.

Polygeneration combined with efficient district heating and cooling may provide added benefits to a larger community. Secondary benefits may include improved reliability of the supply and distribution networks, arising from better interaction between producers and distributors.

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