Conference presentation

Energy and environment are two crucial issues for the world's sustainable development. At present the global economy is heavily dependent on the supply of crude oil, which is limited and associated with different kinds of environmental and strategic risks. The development of efficient new technologies using renewable energy sources are one of the key issues for a sustainable growth of modern societies in the future. Polygeneration is a relatively new concept which has the potential to improve the efficiency of energy supply systems and, at the same time, integrate the use of renewable energy sources to produce the required energy in buildings or industries. Polygeneration is the central topic of this conference and refers to the combined and simultaneously production of electricity, heat, cold and other useful products. It includes conventional cogeneration, trigeneration, as well as other technologies to produce fuels and other value-added products such as potable water.

The 2nd Polygeneration Conference is organized in the framework of the EU Research and Demonstration project POLYCITY, to share the knowledge and results of the different CONCERTO projects and to promote discussion and exchange between scientists, industry and users of efficient products and technologies not only from Europe, but also from all over the world.

The CONCERTO initiative, launched by the European Commission, is a Europe-wide initiative proactively addressing the challenges of creating a sustainable future for Europe's energy needs. Today, under this initiative there are a total of 58 communities in 22 projects, each working to deliver the highest possible level of self-supply of energy. We hope that this conference will continue the success of the previous conference in 2007 and contribute to the international exchange of new ideas and projects on polygeneration technologies able to reach the goals of the future for clean and energy efficient technologies